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KATSUYA wants customers to have a piece of mind when eating deep-frying food that may leads to unhealthy diet. Besides presenting the main course in its best form, the health of customers are equally important as in this fast pace society, getting sick can be as easy as like snapping your fingers tips. Therefore, KATSUYA only uses SUNFLOWER OIL.

Statement found from a health page:

[ Sunflower oil offer a variety of benefits. It can be used as an emollient tohelp the skin retain moisture, preventing excessive dryness. It can replaceheavier oils in cooking applications to prepare food that is both tasty andhealthy. It can even be consumed as a supplement in order to provide ourbodies with essential fatty acids that can lower our cholesterol and preventheart disease. ]

[ It has become increasingly clear that sunflower oil is healthy for ourcardiovascular system. It contains ample amounts of vitamin E and high levelsof the essential fatty acids (or, polyunsaturated fats) which our body needs.
These essential fatty acids cannot be produced from within our bodies. Theymust be derived from our diet. The reason we need these polyunsaturatedfats is because they tend to lower our cholesterol levels. By reducing ourcholesterol, we lessen the likelihood of developing heart disease. ]